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About Your Bill

This page provides some insight into where you can find various information about your bill. Click on a bullet below to get help on various parts of your bill.
(Account Numbers are located in the "Account Information" area(bullet 2.)
Brushy Creek MUD Information:
Includes the Brushy Creek MUD physical and mailing addresses.
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Account Information:
Includes account number, previous balance, payments received, service date, and service address.
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Due Date:
Please pay amount due on or prior to this date.
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Customer Information:
Customer Address information, Name, Street, city, state and zip code.
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Current Water Charges:
Meter number, previous read, current read usage and amount. go back
Special Messages:
This section is used for special message notifications to customers.
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Total Due:
Total amount due for this billing cycle plus any unpaid previous charges, this amount is to be paid on or prior to the due date.
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Payment Coupon:
portion of statement to return with payment if mailing your payment.
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Amount Enclosed:
Amount of payment if mailing your payment. go back
Payment Mailing Address:
Please remit payment to this address if you are mailing your payment. go back